Google index search

What is index searcher (Google Dork)

Google Dork is a search engine that queries Google for the semantic relations between keywords. It searches for keyword combinations inside of websites and returns lists of sites with those keywords in their content. The Dorks are used to discover sites related to a given topic. This is a very useful tool for webmasters, SEO researchers and link builders.

There are tools that can automate the process of finding dorks. Most of them are based on Google Dorks List or Google Dork Dictionary.

The Google Dorks List is a list of keywords used to find search engine hits in google by exploiting the search engine's "related searches" feature. This related searches can be discovered by using a large number of queries as well as manual examination of the results. Each query generates a list of related searches for each keyword. These lists are then compared to find semantically meaningful search strings. Using Google Dorks List or a similar list is essentially the same as entering individual dorks into the Google search engine directly (with occasional related results omitted).

They are:google's own search engine with advanced searches and operators. The list was first published on the Usenet newsgroup in 2007 and later on Pastebin, where it got more attention; in 2012 it was updated several times after that and it contains over 1000 keywords by now.

It is also important to note that not every dork is useful on its own, since some search engines will return results based on word combinations, but not the word combination extracted by Google Dorks List. The same holds true for sites that have a common keyword in their text, but do not necessarily rank highly according to the semantic analysis of the site. Some of these search engines have features like "similar web pages" or "linked pages" that can be exploited as well.

How index searcher Works?

Index Searcher works based on google dork method. Its give you an accurate and quick result of which you are looking for with in a very short time. Just Choose the format type of your search Queary and enter your keyword what you are looking for and hit the search button.
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